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About Ron Lindsay

Ron Lindsay (a.k.a. Arlin Zee) is a singer, songwriter and musician from Dundee on the east coast of Scotland. His music journey has met with bumpy roads and a few road blocks since it began in 1969.


His love of acoustic guitar and vocals by singer songwriters such as Gerry Rafferty, Dan Fogelberg, Jonathan Edwards and Crosby, Stills & Nash were major influences in his early days. This love for acoustic and vocal based music remains to this day. He signed a recording and publishing deal with State Records in 1978. Unfortunately, due to his first experience of mental ill health in 1979 his music journey hit his first road block. Time was needed for recovery, so Ron put aside his music ambitions. By the mid eighties he was back playing the local pub and club scene while also spending time writing and recording basic demos in his bedroom.


Over 20 years passed when a chance meeting with John Wooler, a Los Angeles based producer with 28 grammy nominations and 6 wins, led to an opportunity for Ron to lift his music dreams off the sometime later shelf. Encouraged by John, his music hopes and ambitions were raised when Barbara Orbison asked them to explore the potential for an ambient celtic approach to some of husband Roy’s songs. It was while working on this project that Ron and John decided to record an album in this ambient celtic style. The result was Ron’s album Americelt Union, released in 2005 which featured the songs of classic songwriters.


Mental ill health reared its ugly head again in 2008 and so another road block was encountered on his music and songwriting journey. This was further compounded when he suffered a stroke followed by a mild heart attack. After a recovery period of some years Ron eventually found inspiration and motivation to get behind the music wheel again in 2017.


Unfortunately, the combined effects of the unhealthy road blocks took their toll on his vocal and playing abilities. Undaunted, he made a decision in 2018 to begin recording his legacy project to record a number of songs from his back catalogue of demos, some of which go back as far as the mid 80's.


Musician friends are providing their music and vocal talents to record around 25 tracks. Although his own contributions vocally and musically will be somewhat less than he’d have liked, the opportunity to sit comfortably in a leather chair playing the role of legendary producer George Martin is one he finds quite appealing.

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