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The Doolichters

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

As a member of The Doolichters I thought I would include a wee bit about the origins of the band. Many thanks to heid lichter Ian Kennedy who kindly provided me with this wonderfully written tongue in cheek bio.  Ron Lindsay


Hailing from Dundee, a quaint fishing village on the east coast of Scotland, famous for discovering jam and boats, the 5 Doolichter twins wax lyrical about their home town, growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, and the delights of growing old.  Of cundies, circles, puggies, nabblin, and of course the ubiquitous fritter which is deep-fried into the DNA of all true Dundonians.  That’s not to overlook ingins which possess their own unique magnetism, but that’s a whole other song.


Early in 2020, as the lockdown began, the 5 ageing musicians mused over how to keep playing while the world shuddered to a halt.  Through the unfathomable realm of ‘digital’, in a month or so ‘the Rag Man’ emerged from individuals who could barely spell computer, let alone use one. ‘This is Meh Scheme’ followed and the unstoppable musical zimmer trundled on.  A year later this is the result.  As the whole world slowed, it gave the old codgers time to catch up.


With several songs sung in the local twang a Dundee phrase book may be necessary but you’ll definitely know more about their home after you’ve listened.  The Doolichters dedicate this album to all those of a similar age, for whom buying a supermarket ‘bag for life’ no longer seems like a long term investment.


Danny Doolichter 2021

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