The Doolichters

Updated: Apr 4

I’m a member of Dundee 5 piece folk band The Doolichters. Current CD Mystifehd & Ancient is on sale at Thirteen Records, 13 Union Street, Dundee.

You can also watch and listen to The Doolichters music and videos on our YouTube TV Channel at

W're also on Facebook

The Doolichters 2022 Gig Schedule

1 April - Longforgan Inn (Private Function) 2 April - Caird Hall Dundee 5 April - Janet Brougham House 23 April - Wighton Centre Dundee 29 May - Overgate Centre Dundee 3 June - Blend Coffee Lounge Dundee 12 June - WestFest Dundee 17 July - (Private Function)

For further information on the Doolichters please contact me here

The Doolichters performing at The Longforgan Coach Inn during the summer of 2021.

The Doolichters performing in the Wellgate Centre to raise funds for Wellbeing Works, a Dundee based mental health charity.

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